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Price 3,500.00
Quantity 1
Description HOURS 38. 16HP. 2WD. TIPPING BUCK.

There is only one way to understand the potential of the new ATX1000 and that is to try it out wherever you plan to use them. A professional machine, developed for people who are not content with what is already on the market, and where quality, reliability and functional design are the fruit of years of experience and tests in the field. Utility vehicles approved for use on the road, the ATX machines can be recognised above all for their unmistakable gifts of versatility, agility, resistance and comfort. It covers all possible areas of use: from wide plains and city streets to the most impervious mountain tracks. Moving rapidly over asphalt, they are also perfectly at ease in off-road situations. Ideal for parks, golf courses, tourist villages, farm holiday centres, large estates, nurseries, riding schools and private villas.

The ATX100 has been designed to move on mixed terrains with unthinkable ease. The exclusive gearbox with automatic speed variator, a standard feature on all models, offers maximum torque at any speed, making driving spirited and extremely easy. In addition, the independent suspension system and low pressure tyres guarantee permanent grip of all wheels, even on very rough ground, avoiding possible skidding or loss of control of the vehicle.
The vehicles in the ATX series can negotiate gradients of 60%. The exhaust brake with automatic engagement also ensures high safety standards and perfect manoeuvrability when driving down steep paths. The ATX machines move undisturbed and without problems in situations of use characterised by tight spaces, or ones normally accessible with great difficulty, thanks to the very small turning radius, to the limited width of the vehicle.

Built with innovative technical solutions and high quality materials, it is designed to resist work loads of more than 10 to 12 hours a day. The finishes, cared for in every detail, are conceived to give a real added value to anyone who has to use these vehicles from morning to evening. The spaces of the driving seat have been studied according to precise ergonomic criteria and the modern dashboard laid out like that of a car allows the user to keep all the vehicle tools and commands under control at any time.
Location Wisbech, Cambs, PE14 7AP, United Kingdom
Telephone: 01945 582223
Posted by F N R Machinery Ltd
Posted on 09/02/2018
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