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Charterhouse 7416 Verti Drain 20092814 for sale
£21,500 +VAT
(Tractor not included) New but slightly shop soiled The Verti-Drain® 7416 is a highly effective machine for use on sportsfields and all areas of the golf course. With penetration depths of up... more
Ref: 1098/20928
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Wiedenmann GXi8 HD Terra Spike for sale
£10,500 +VAT
2013 1.8 metre tractor mounted deep aerator, fully serviced, one owner, good working order... more
Ref: 1741/20925
Viewed Today : 4 | Total Views : 77
£2,750 +VAT
Designed for the professional who wants to provide core type aeration at a high speed, the Lawnaire IV is the highest quality roll-type aerator on the market. It is fitted with a 6hp Briggs and Stratt... more
Ref: 1692/19610
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TORO PROCORE SG54 Vertidrain for sale
£6,500 +VAT
For sale Toro Procore SG54 Vertidrain, year 2015, only used twice. £6,500 + vat ... more
Ref: 772/20896
Viewed Today : 2 | Total Views : 60
Sisis Quadraplay 8ft for sale
£2,795 +VAT
Sisis Quadraplay. 8ft model featuring the popular configuration of Slitter, Rake, Roller and brush. Full Working Order. £2795.00 plus vat.... more
Ref: 786/20745
Viewed Today : 2 | Total Views : 167
Wiedenmann Terra Spike G6/135 for sale
£3,000 +VAT
Used Wiedenmann Terra-Spike G6/135 fitted with the following: 1.35m Working Width 6 Tine Heads 30cm Max working depth (Solid Tines) 20cm Max working depth (Hollow Tines) 3-Speed Gearbox Rear R... more
Ref: 2491/20738
Viewed Today : 2 | Total Views : 309
Sisis Slitter and Rake for sale
£795 +VAT
Sisis. Three point linkage frame with 4ft star slitter with excellent slitting tines and a quick swap light grass/ moss rake attachment. Good Condition. £795.00 plus vat.... more
Ref: 786/20732
Viewed Today : 4 | Total Views : 236
Core Master 12 for sale
£1,100 +VAT
Recently Serviced. In great working order, Comes with the tines in. ... more
Ref: 2880/20718
Viewed Today : 4 | Total Views : 271
2019 Imants Shockwave 220 for sale
£16,995 +VAT
2019 (ex-demo) Imants Shockwave 220 in excellent condition, with paint still on the rollers! 2.20m working width, 2.50m transport width, 120mm - 380mm working depth, 1250kg weight, 275mm blade spacin... more
Ref: 1207/20701
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AIR2G2 Aeration Machine for sale
£14,750 +VAT
2016 Machine 500 Hours Honda GX 630 V-Twin Engine Completely Unmolested Ready For Work... more
Ref: 1199/20688
Viewed Today : 2 | Total Views : 368
Sisis quadraplay 1.8 for sale
£3,200 +VAT
Sisis quadraplay 1.8metre slitter rake roller brush combination fully blasted and repainted suit football rugby club ... more
Ref: 535/20669
Viewed Today : 4 | Total Views : 387
Groundsman Spiker, Aerator for sale
£6,995 +VAT
Groundsman 8120 Aerator. 1.2m (48") working width. PTO driven spiker with elliptical plunge action of up to depths of 150mm. Fitted currently with chisel tines and comes with a full set of narrow tine... more
Ref: 786/20666
Viewed Today : 2 | Total Views : 217
Sisis Autocore, Aerator for sale
£1,795 +VAT
Sisis Autocore Aerator. Independently powered vertical action aerator for bowling greens, tennis courts, cricket squares, golf greens/tees etc.. Fitted with Jumbo hollow tines. Good Condition. £1795.0... more
Ref: 786/20665
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Greentek 8ft Double-Quick, Aerator for sale
£2,695 +VAT
Greentek Double-Quick Aerator. 8ft working width. Features a hollow corer to remove plugs of soil and reduce compaction and is also fitted with a fine slitter with 5" tines to prevent surface sealing ... more
Ref: 786/20664
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Graden Scarifier for sale
£3,000 +VAT
2006 Graden Scarifier, Used on 9 Greens only. Comes fully working and in immaculate condition. Ideal for Cricket wickets or bowling greens as well. ... more
Ref: 2880/20646
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Wiedenmann Terra-Spike XF6 for sale
1.6m Working Width Deep aeration and removal of compaction up to a depth of 22cm. Central tine adjustment. Central depth adjustment. Integrated damping system. ... more
Ref: 2491/20623
Viewed Today : 2 | Total Views : 239
Used RTS Multi-tine Aerator for sale
£1,400 +VAT
Used 6ft RTS spiker, Tractor mounted 3 point linkage mounted with 3 individual floating reels with 4in long tines, heavy weighted frame with additional weight trays, In excellent condition. Comes with... more
Ref: 1029/20607
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Wiedenmann Core Recycler for sale
£12,500 +VAT
Wiedenmann Core Recycler Hydrostatic Drive Hyd Powered Brush Head Recycles the cores and removes unwanted material 86 Hours Used ... more
Ref: 2491/20597
Viewed Today : 3 | Total Views : 122
Wiedenmann XF6 Terra Spike for sale
£6,995 +VAT
Wiedenmann XF6 Terra Spike Aerator. 1.6m working width, has not had a great deal of use and is in excellent mechanical condition with no play in the arms, crank or tine holder etc.. High speed machine... more
Ref: 786/20589
Viewed Today : 1 | Total Views : 232
David Jenkins SLA500 Linear Aerator for sale
David Jenkins SLA 500 Linear Aerator. Manufactured in UK. Been barn stored. In good working order. Buyer collects. Enquiries contact 07850 684595.... more
Ref: 1091/20463
Viewed Today : 5 | Total Views : 504