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New Stihl GH460 shredder
£1,050 +VAT
Ref: 423/21593  Posted: 08/10/2021


New Stihl GH460 petrol shredder, old stock, hence discount price, only one available at this price.

Reduce your green waste with ease.

The STIHL GH460 multi shredder is a fantastic machine designed to process soft garden waste as well as branches with a thickness of up to 60 mm.

The STIHL GH460 multi shredder comes with a Briggs and Stratton 850 Series EXi OHV RS engine.

With it's innovative new technology the rotational direction of the shredder blades can be changed at a switch of a button. The blades are protected by the switchable processing of shreddable material for example hard materials i.e branches are chipped in a clockwise direction, leafy material are cut anti-clockwise producing compost.

Itís idea for large plots and gardens.

The advantage of not needing a power supply means you can move around the grounds not being confined to one place in the garden.
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