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Winton 1.05m Compact Flail Mower WCF105
£979 +VAT
Ref: 70/24359  Posted: 17/03/2023



WCF sub-compact flails are ideal for cutting paddocks, vineyards & between trees. The narrow, light design is perfect for sub-compact tractors.

The WCF105 Winton 1.05m Compact Flail Mower is perfect for cutting grass and weeds in paddocks. It is also an ideal tractor attachment for cutting between trees in orchards and vineyards. This is due to its narrow design, which increases its manoeuvrability. This style of mower has hammer blades for pasture topping. However, it is light enough to be run by sub-compact tractors with a low horsepower.

The machine has several hammer blades mounted onto a cylindrical rotor. The spirally arranged hammer blades make for an efficient cut. The multiple blade action creates finer cuttings on overgrown areas. It is also better suited to uneven ground types than conventional topper mowers. The mower is belt driven, there are drive belts which give power to the blade rotor shaft.

The Winton 1.05m Compact Flail Mower has 2 height adjustable skids to adjust the cutting height between 3cm and 8cm. This also helps to avoid the mower scalping the ground and leave an even cut when mowing. The mower benefits from an adjustable rear roller. This can be adjusted up or down along with the tractor top link arm to change the mower angle and cutting height, as well as helping to avoid blade scalping on uneven areas.


Weight 130kg
Working Width 105cm
Tractor Range 15-25hp
Linkage Type Cat 1
Lower Linkage Width 45-70cm
Cutting Range 3-8cm
Number Of Blades 18
Power PTO


Spirally arranged hammer blades for an efficient cut
Compact design for tight spaces and sub-compact tractors
Adjustable cutting height-range of 3-8cm
Adjustable positioning for skids and roller

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