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***SOLD SOLD SOLD*** Fleming PTO Spreader B-FS500
Ref: 70/24369  Posted: 17/03/2023



The Fleming PTO Spreader B-FS500 Sitrex single disc fertiliser spreader is extremely versatile. It is ideal for small tractors for use on smallholdings and equestrian centres. The single disc spreader offers great value for money. The spreader is lightweight, meaning that it is perfect for use on hill farms and undulating ground. It is also popular for sports pitches and green spaces.

The spreaders undergo an intense paint process. This includes being degreased, treated with anti-rust, coated with anti-corrosive paint and dried at 120. This leaves a very durable finish, so it is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. This attachment has stainless steel vanes and dish for increased longevity. The steel, cone-shaped hopper is manufactured in one piece, meaning that it is stronger. The strength and reliability of this product mean that it will last a long time and save money.

The B-FS500 has 4 vanes for an even distribution of material. These vanes are adjustable so the spreading width can be regulated between 6m and 10m.

Additionally, there is the option of fitting a salt spreading kit for spreading dry salt, particularly useful for winter. Demonstrating its versatility, the Fleming Agri Sitrex spreader can be used for spreading sand or fertiliser across any ground, whether flat or undulating.

With a 3 point linkage mount, the Fleming PTO Spreader B-FS500 is suitable for a range of small and compact tractors.

This implement is quick and simple to fit and operate, saving both time and effort.


Weight 60kg
Dimensions 118 113 cm
Tractor Range 14-40 hp
Linkage Type Cat 1
Number of Blades 4
Capacity 500 l
Power PTO

Optional Upgrades Salt spreading kit


Adjustable spreading-width of 6-10m
Stainless steel dish and vanes for longevity
4 adjustable vanes for even distribution of material
Resistant to rust and corrosion

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