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WARNING - Please be aware that there are some scam artists currently targeting users of M4G.

In particular someone using the names Thomas DANIEL, Allison CRAIG and Jorn Lohman, ask if your machine is still for sale and asks for the price and whether you take a cheque. The scam is He/She sends you a cheque for the cost of the machine plus some more to cover transport etc.

He asks you to refund the difference by which time his cheque has bounced.

This is a scam very popular with Nigerian fraudsters although other groups have also latched onto the theme.

They are currently using emails;

thomasdaniel99556@gmail.com and



Please do not entertain offers from them or anyone offering to send you more than your machine is advertised for.

The old adage of "if it looks too good to be true then it probably is" applies in this case.

As per our Terms & Conditions Machinery4Golf and the parent company GRN-OGRO are not liable if you fall victim to this fraud. Please exercise caution at all times.

Happy advertising and best wishes


Posted: 08/02/2024