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Item Roberine R3
Price 31,500.00
Quantity 1
Description Ex Demo
Excellent condition
Self propelled cylinder mower
78 hours

Roberine stands for both traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology. This combination ensures satisfaction at work. And since we are on the subject of satisfaction at work, we would like to add that the operator is confirmed an ergonomically sound workplace.

The suspension seat is comfortable, which is no unnecessary luxury if you are on the go all day long. The armrest with the controls is easy to adjust, so that the operator can find the ideal working posture at all times. The armrest moves with the seat, allowing the operator to always be in control of the machine. The Roberine cilinder mower can also be equipped with an insulated cabin, which minimises noise. In order to make this workplace even more comfortable, optional airconditioning is available.

High capacity, low costs

The Roberine R3 has a mowing width ranging from 75 to 213 cm, which results in a high capacity. This makes the machine extremely suitable for cost-effective operations. Furthermore the cylinder mowers of Roberine are sturdy and strong so maintenance costs are kept low.

Compact and manoeuvrable

The Roberine R3 is compact and manoeuvrable and these features make the machine highly applicable. In fact, this also applies to the high transport speed which enables you to drive quickly from one plot to the next. The hydrostatic 4WD makes the job even more enjoyable, because during mowing operations, you will always have maximum grip on any type of surface, including hilly grounds. For these reasons the Roberine R3 is ideally suited for mowing on playing fields, grass care environments and embankments.

Location Spencer Wood, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 1HR, United Kingdom
Telephone: 01189884888
Posted by Phill Hughes
Posted on 10/02/2020
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