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Item Grillo FD1309 20093893
Price 20,995.00
Quantity 1
Description New and available now

The FD 13.09 4-wheel drive hydrostatic mower has been specifically designed for cutting and collecting grass.

Its wide cutter deck and spacious grass box, together with an extremely small turning radius makes it the ideal operator's machine, anywhere you need an immaculate and manicured finish.

The integral permanent 4WD system alows users to work in excellent safety conditions on any slope.

FD13.09 is unsurpassed for maintaining school gardens, public parks, sports facilites, camping, riding areas... Anywhere you need a beautiful aesthetic and efficient clearing
Location Spencer Wood, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 1HR, United Kingdom
Telephone: 01189884888
Posted by Phill Hughes
Posted on 09/04/2020
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