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BLEC SR3H ROTOR RAKE STONE RAKE & HONDA F810 for sale Ref:2567/18664
Viewed Today : 4 | Total Views : 61Add to My favorites
36 Inch wide rotor rake (stone rake) manual bi-angling, hydraulic drive rotor system. Attached to a Honda f810 power tiller. Quick detach rotor to allow easy fitment off optional rotors complete with... more

Dennis G860 Brush Cassette for sale Ref:786/18652
Viewed Today : 1 | Total Views : 18Add to My favorites
Dennis G860 Brushh Cassette. Perfect for very light scarification, moss and debris removal and final surface preparation. Good Condition.... more

Blec GB1000 Groundbreaker for sale Ref:720/18622
Viewed Today : 2 | Total Views : 129Add to My favorites
Blec Groundbreaker GB1000. C/W Rear smooth roller. Very good condition... more

Wessex HTC18 High Tip Sweeper Collector for sale Ref:786/18620
Viewed Today : 2 | Total Views : 56Add to My favorites
Wessex HTC18 Sweeper Collector. 1.8m working width, fully floating brush unit, hydraulic high tip collector, large capacity collector box, rear jockey wheels, wide angle PTO shaft. Very Good Condition... more

Greentek Dyna-Seeder for sale Ref:1155/18594
Viewed Today : 1 | Total Views : 88Add to My favorites
Set of Greentek Dyna-Seeder units to Fit Toro Greensmaster 3250-D. Very Good Condition Delevery Avaliable... more

Charterhouse 1275 20083826 for sale Ref:1098/18548
Viewed Today : 3 | Total Views : 76Add to My favorites
2018 20083826... more

Used Sisis 600 scarifier for sale Ref:1029/18402
Viewed Today : 1 | Total Views : 101Add to My favorites
Used Sisis 600 scarifier, pull start petrol engine, c/w collection box, scarifying reel, brush reel, starts & runs well.... more

Kubota TSC 180 Sweeper Collector for sale Ref:2005/18386
Viewed Today : 1 | Total Views : 78Add to My favorites
PTO Driven Sweeper Collector, 1.8M Working Width, 2.0m3 High Tip Collector... more

Vredo 222.075 Compact U4512 for sale Ref:950/18239
Viewed Today : 4 | Total Views : 175Add to My favorites
Worked only 3 seasons in excellent condition ready for work, a vast saving on new price... more

Blec TM10 Seeder U4522 for sale Ref:950/18238
Viewed Today : 1 | Total Views : 163Add to My favorites
Manual seed on/off, front tines/tyres wheel eradicator, rear spacer ring rollers, clean machine... more

Blec TM10 Seeder U4511 for sale Ref:950/18237
Viewed Today : 2 | Total Views : 95Add to My favorites
Hydraulic shut off, rear spacer rings, front tines, clean and tidy machine ready for work... more

2018 Charterhouse 1575 Overseeder for sale Ref:1207/18146
Viewed Today : 1 | Total Views : 220Add to My favorites
2018 Charterhouse / Redexim 1575 Overseeder. 1.58m Disc Seeder, 1172kg, 0-30mm cutting depth, 75mm disc spacings, 225 litre hopper capacity. Can be purchased or viewed (by proir arrangement) at any of... more

Classen SC24 Turf Cutter for sale Ref:1861/18077
Viewed Today : 1 | Total Views : 98Add to My favorites
Only 8 hours use, sod depth up to 50mm, 12" blade, Honda engine, Very good condition... more

Kilworth Sweeper Collector for sale Ref:786/17970
Viewed Today : 1 | Total Views : 98Add to My favorites
Kilworth Sweeper. 1.2m working width, PTO driven, large manual tip hopper, rear swivel wheels allows the machine to be fitted to smaller size tractors with limited lift capacity, ideal for all types o... more

Vredo 218, Overseeder for sale Ref:2005/17849
Viewed Today : 1 | Total Views : 254Add to My favorites
1.8M Compact Overseeder, Hopper Weight 888kg, 5 - 25mm Working Depth, Min 45hp. ... more

Graden SW04 Swing Wing Verticutter, Scarifier for sale Ref:786/17842
Viewed Today : 1 | Total Views : 97Add to My favorites
Graden SW04 Swing Wing Verticutter, scarifier. 1.5m working width, tungsten tipped blades with 2" spacing, simple depth adjustment, 3 x floating decks. Perfect for large fine turf areas. New, Unused, ... more

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