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Fully electric sweeper for the Yamaha YDR 2


Echteld There is a new, fully electric Yamaha Course Mate tool carrier that can be added on to the electric Yamaha YDR 2 golf cart. A lifting mechanism is
attached to the cart, and a sweeper can be attached with an A-frame, making the electric vehicles more versatile.The transformation of these machines is made possible by Rein Drost Machinehandel in the Netherlands, in an effort to continue their development that began 15 years ago, when they introduced the addition of a sweeper onto trailers.

With a working width of 490 centimetres, the new version does not compromise on capacity. By attaching the sweeper directly to the lifting arm of the machine, it is faster and more agile than the trailer-based model. The driver has full control over the hydraulic lifting arm from the comfort of his seat.

The electric drive makes the machine quiet and a lot less damaging to the environment, compared with mowers and bunker rakes that run on fuel. Big batteries give the machine more than enough range. Besides that, the innovation enables the user to clear greens and fairways of dew more quickly, so the machine is a lot more efficient. The dew sweeper has a working width of 490 centimetres and hydraulic retractable arms that give it a transportation width of 180 centimetres.

Several attachments can be mounted on the sweeper, like rakes and brooms. These are mounted on springs to ensure optimal following of the terrain. An A-frame makes it possible to detach the sweeper from the golf cart. Extra wide turf tires give the golf cart good traction whilst not damaging the grass.Rein Drost Machinehandel is hard at work developing other attachments like drag mats and containers to transport hand green mowers.


Specs: Yamaha YDR 48 Volt Electric SpecificationsDIMENSIONSOVERALL LENGTH2595 mmOVERALL WIDTH1200 mmOVERALL HEIGHT (with suntop)1849 mmOVERALL HEIGHT (without suntop)1250 mmMINIMUM GROUND CLEARANCE160 mmPOWER SUPPLY / DRIVE TRAINMOTORHitachi 48-volt high-efficiencyBATTERIESSix 8-volt Batteries high capacity MAX FORWARD SPEED15 mph (24 km/h)MAX REVERSE SPEED7 mph (11 km/h)DRY WEIGHT (less batteries)273 kgTIRE SIZE20.00 x 10.00 -10 (4-ply rating)

Contact: Rein Drost Machinehandel BV +31 (0)